About Rosie

If we have to have labels…then these are some of mine: Believer, Wifey, Momma, Teacher, and Storyteller. I am also a daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, cousin, niece, and friend.

I have believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior since I was very very small. I have been married to JB my entire adult life. I adore him. Together, we love and cheer on our two twentysomething sons, Jake and Lucas J, and our daugther-in-love, Bek.

After years of staying at home with our sons, homeschooling them off and on, and teaching in Christian schools, I am now a pregnancy center coordinator. I get to love on brand new babies and help their mommas learn how to mother them. I love what I do.

For 24 years of our marriage, I followed JB around the country while he served in the military. A few years ago, it was time to land the plane, so he retired from the military, and we settled on our little Wild Blue Yonder Ranch in Texas.

There’s so much more to our story…and I love to tell a good story…so join me each Monday as I share My Rosie Outlook.